Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tonight's Dinner!

Spoon tomatoes & baby zucchini over wild rice with mozzarella & garlic! Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Grouting the Mosaic

After an epic cookout* at my friend Natasha's house, I awoke to another heat advisory here. And Thursday is also when the lawn care company comes to take care of the complex. (I wonder, do they get any hazard pay for working on code orange days?). Faced with this double-whammy, I decided it was time to grout the mosaic!

Here are my supplies. Teacher Marilyn's instructions are there in the corner, and look, a use for those weekly junk mail inserts!
Grouting the Mosaic
After grouting and scraping and looking for little holes:Grouting the Mosaic

It's rested and I've buffed once now. I'm using a timer, and I can't say enough about having the spray bottle on hand. (Doubles as a cat deter-er, too!) Super fun & easy! Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Monday, July 2, 2012

Who knew mosaics took so much time?!

So, I went away for a week to folks, and below is what I accomplished. Our class was taught by Marilyn George and she really could not have been more lovely!

I drew a sketch of a view from the window of our lodgings (the school owns several houses that they have converted to individual accommodations). Then I added some flowers in the foreground, which honestly had not initially occurred to me. I can only blame sleep deprivation (which went away as soon as we got some sleep)!

Mosaic in Progress

Mosaic nearly done

Mosaic all done, with my starting sketches, too! Postedusing BlogPress from my iPad