Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bad Blogger: holiday edition!

I've been neglectful of this crafting blog, but I assure you I'm still out there! Since I last posted, my little sister got married, I've been working hard at teaching, become the sponsor of a second club at school, went to Canada for a 4-day vacay, and embarked on a couple of new health challenges (6wk goal setting type challenges), and taken the students to two different Latin club events (that's the first club I'm sponsor of), and went to Arkansas for thanksgiving. Ok, whew! I can't post my most time consuming craft project that I've been working on during this time, because it's my sister's holiday present, and she might read this. But, I do have pics, and they will be posted! With it being American thanksgiving weekend, and having had a couple days off, I've tried to get myself a bit more organized. Ordered some things towards the holidays. Oddly shaping up to be a very bibliophilic christmas. After I raked the leaves this afternoon, I set about to make all the drop cookies I had in mind, since they can be frozen, put into a ziploc and baked on demand when needed. Made 42 butter pecan, 42 oatmeal-dark choc-cranberry, and 29 gingersnap cookies: dough, unbaked, frozen, & bagged. BRING IT ON, HOLIDAYS. My friends (completely justifiably!!) make fun of me for my devotion to King Arthur Flour and their recipes/products, but they've never steered me wrong. The butter pecan and the gingersnaps come from their site, and the oatmeal is my own variation based off the Joy of Cooking. I recommend them, if'n you need cookies!