Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The are American biscuits, not sweet biccies or anything like. I made some white chili last night, and biscuits (and cheese) seemed like they would be a good accompaniment. This is my go-to recipe. As the Joy of Cooking notes, they are remarkably good right out of the over, and I, for one, enjoy the craggy tops. Plus, they are VERY easy to put together.

Joy of Cooking quick drop biscuits - I use wheat flour, smart balance oil, and powdered buttermilk (adding water to the recipe).

Useful tip:
Yeast breads can be frozen after the first rise, but before the second, then just thawed, allowed to rise, and baked on demand! Biscuits and drop cookies can be frozen from the dough stage and baked that way-- they only need a few extra minutes. And pancakes! Cook as usual, then place any extra flat on a cookie sheet and pop in the freezer. Then store in a freezer bag until needed. Pop in the toaster, 5 minutes and viola! Noms!
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